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In-Person Program

46th Annual Practical Skills Program

Reviewing lawyering skills in 10 areas of practice

9:15 a.m. - 4:15 p.m., Thursday, February 18 & Friday, February 19, 2010
MCLE, Milstein Hall, Boston
10 substantive credits, 1 ethics credits
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Product Description

Our most popular nuts-and-bolts course for current practitioners...

Your clients look to you for a wide variety of legal expertise. A business client may be arrested on an OUI charge. An estate planning client may want to incorporate a business. Someone for whom you handled a divorce may ask you to probate their parent's estate. Of course, you can refer your client to another specialist. But would you (or your employer) really want to?

General practitioners-who have to be "instant experts" in up to 10 specialties a day-find this course especially helpful in keeping them up to date on the latest tips and shortcuts. Even the experienced lawyer concentrating in one or two areas will benefit from learning the basics that are covered in this course.

...and a rite of passage for new lawyers

Over the last 40 years, MCLE has presented this course to help recent law school graduates "bridge the gap" between the academic world and daily practice. The majority of new lawyers attend this program within the first two years after being admitted to the Bar, and the remainder usually come to the course at some time in their legal careers. If you are a recent graduate-with more basic questions than you care to admit-you'll find yourself with others in the same situation and, most importantly, with the experts who can give you the answers you need. Everyone knows it can be embarrassing to ask "simple" questions; on the other hand, keeping silent when you really need to know what to do can be disastrous.

At MCLE's Practical Skills Program, enjoy two days of access to our experienced faculty members-all together and under one roof.

Sharpen your skills in 10 common practice areas- enjoy special features, too!

As part of your tuition, you receive:

  • Two full days of lectures on lawyering skills in 10 areas of practice.
  • MCLE's comprehensive 2-volume practice compendium, the Massachusetts Basic Practice Manual. This gives you an "instant law library" of over 1,000 pages of "how-to" practice materials-along with detailed instructions on how to use them. The compendium includes: citations to the most important statutes and cases; procedural guides; checklists; step-by-step explanations of how to handle problem areas; sample documents, the most text-intensive of which are on the Forms on Disc; and much, much more.
  • A continuous opportunity to pick the brains of experts-an authority on each subject will be available for questioning during the two days.

1. The essentials of buying and selling a home

How to prepare a purchase and sale agreement; how to conduct a closing- whether it's for the lender, the buyer, or the seller; how to solve each of the most common title problems; how to complete each of the kinds of forms you'll need

Faculty: Ruth A. Dillingham, Esq.

2. Handling a basic estate plan

Specific techniques to properly prepare each of the most important kinds of will and trust documents; actual sets of guidelines, sample provisions and drafting techniques; each of the critical steps in the drafting process; how to view wills and trusts from both the property and tax points of view

Faculty: Judith R. Mendel, Esq. Mendel & Associates, Waltham

3. Setting up client accounts and avoiding conflicts of interest

How to avoid commingling of funds; how to monitor your caseload to avoid conflicts of interest; the most important ethical considerations that attorneys must consider in running a practice

Faculty: Constance V. Vecchione, Esq. Massachusetts Board of Bar Overseers, Boston

4. Settling an estate

How to navigate preprobate complexities; everything you need to know about appointments of fiduciaries; how to make each of the elections facing the executor; pitfalls in distribution of the estate and how to avoid them; ins and outs of preparation and allowance of the final account

Faculty: Paula J. Morgan, Esq. Rosenberg Freedman amp; Goldstein, Newton

5. Handling employment law issues

Workplace discrimination; hiring and firing problems; Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); the Small Necessities Leave Act

Faculty: Franklin L. Baxley, Esq. Robinson Donovan, PC, Springfield

6. Successfully starting up and advising a small business

The proper organizational form; corporations under Massachusetts law; the right kinds of organizational contracts and control devices

Faculty: William D. Norman, Esq. Colucci Norman LLP, Beverly

7. Bankruptcy basics

Basics and subtleties of the bankruptcy code; details of how to represent both debtors and creditors in bankruptcy proceedings; how to commence a bankruptcy proceeding; what you must do to protect the interests of secured and unsecured creditors

Faculty: Susan I. Grossberg, Esq. Law Offices of Susan Grossberg, Boston

8. Successfully defending OUI cases

Strategies and arguments; the critical elements necessary in preparing the defendant's case; which pretrial motions to file; how to most effectively challenge the government's case with effective cross-examination of the arresting police officer

Faculty: George Hassett, Esq. Law Offices Hanley, Hassett & Fitzsimmons LLC, Quincy

9. Trying your first case in District Court

Accurately evaluate your case; negotiate much more successfully with insurers; prepare your case for settlement or trial

Faculty: Mark W. Murphy, Esq. Litchfield Cavo LLP, Lynnfield

10. Divorce demystified

How to commence a divorce action; how to conduct discovery and prepare for a negotiated settlement or trial; the more important procedural aspects of Probate and Family Court practice

Faculty: Linda A. Ouellette, Esq. Denner Pellegrino LLP, Boston

Table of Contents


Franklin L. Baxley, Esq., Unknown MA Attorneys, Boston
Ruth A. Dillingham, Esq., First American Title Insurance Company, Yarmouth Port
Susan I. Grossberg, Esq., Grossberg Law Offices, Boston
George Hassett, Esq., Law Office of George Hassett, Boston
Judith R. Mendel, Esq., Mendel & Associates, Waltham
Mark W. Murphy, Esq., Law Offices of Mark W. Murphy, Esq., Southborough
William D. Norman, Esq., Norman & Associates, Marblehead



  • $295
  • $245 MCLE Sponsor Members
  • $265 MBA/BBA Members
    For new lawyers admitted after 2005, pending admittees, and law students who are$175 MCLE Sponsor Members
  • $195 MBA/BBA Members
In-Person Program
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