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Cross-Examination for the Criminal Defense Practitioner

Brainstorm - Practice skills

Online Session: 1:30-5:30 pm, Friday, February 4, 2011; In-Person Session: 1:30-5:30 pm, Friday, February 11, 2011
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8 substantive credits, 0 ethics credits
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Product Description

MCLE's Cross-examination for the Criminal Defense Practitioner is a unique opportunity for you to learn and improve an essential trial skill necessary for effective advocacy. This intense, two part workshop allows you to develop proven techniques for different types of cross-examination and to practice them under the guidance of leading criminal defense practitioners. You become skilled in using cross-examination as an opportunity to advance your theory of defense.

Special program format and materials

Materials consisting of overview lectures on cross-examination basics, impeachment and handling difficult witnesses, a case file and supporting resource material become available online approximately one month prior to the first part of the program, so that you can review the material and acquaint yourself with the hypothetical at your convenience prior to the first session. Adequate preparation is required to maximize the learning experience for yourself and other members of your small group.

Part One of the program consists of online small group brainstorming sessions. Based upon a pre-assigned fact pattern, you have the opportunity to develop cross-examination strategies for different types of witness testimony you may encounter during an actual trial. Since this part of the program is conducted online, you avoid the inconvenience of travel and parking, and maximize your interaction with faculty and other members of your group.

Based on ideas developed during the online brainstorming, you have a week to develop your cross-examination. During that time, you will have continued online access to other members of your group as well as your small group leader, and ample opportunity to review the course materials.

Part Two of the course is live and in-person at MCLE's Boston Conference Center, allowing you to practice what you have prepared before a group of experienced faculty, and receive valuable pointers and feedback on how to improve your skills. The in person part of this program gives you the opportunity to work directly with highly skilled trial lawyers from around the Commonwealth.


By using a virtual "discussion forum" in conjunction with pre-recorded presentations, participants have the opportunity to interact with the discussion leaders and each other during the designated date and time, and benefit from the faculty guided discussion. You also may post comments and questions to the discussion forum after the live session. Upon registration, you are provided with a link that allows you to sign in, access course materials and assignments, and prepare in advance. Course materials are electronic; they will not be shipped to you. Instruction and discussion is based on a case hypothetical and students get the most from the course by familiarizing themselves with materials in advance. You sign into the instructional portion of the course in much the same way as any MCLE webcast. See Technical Requirements below.

Technical Requirements

MCLE online courses are easy to use and run on almost any computer. The simplest way to test whether your computer can run the online course is to test drive a free demo on our website. Follow the link programs/webcast-technical- information.cfm#mcle and follow the instructions under MCLE Webcast Technical Requirements to test drive the free webcast demo. If it runs, then your computer system meets all technical requirements. You can also follow the link to perform a system requirements check and confirm that your computer has the functionality required to participate in the online course. If you encounter any difficulties, you can call and speak with a customer service representative at 617-482-2205, Ext. 7.

Please Note

MCLE webcasts are delivered completely online, underscoring their convenience and appeal. There are no published print materials. All written materials are available electonically only. They are posted 24 hours prior to the program and can be accessed, downloaded, or printed from your computer.

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