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How We Got Here

Originally conceived as a committee of the Massachusetts Bar Association (MBA), MCLE was incorporated in 1969 as a joint venture of the MBA and the Boston Bar Association (BBA). (In 1976, MCLE merged with the New England Law Institute, gaining a history of CLE dating from 1953.)

MCLE operated from a number of locations in the first two decades after its formation, but in the early 1990s it truly found a home, at Ten Winter Place in Boston's Downtown Crossing. Adapted from a former bank facility and colonial-era residence, MCLE's conference center features a state-of-the-art 342-seat auditorium, along with additional classrooms, conference space, a bookstore, and administrative offices.

Twenty-two presidents, from a variety of practice backgrounds and professional experiences, have helped lead MCLE over its first several decades, as the organization has continued to work on developing the best methods, resources, and products to meet the educational needs of the legal community. Established primarily as a seminar provider, MCLE went on to develop one of the nation's most extensive collections of legal practice publications. In recent years, to meet the changing practice needs of the bar, MCLE has offered an impressive array of electronic resources, including webcasts, e-books, a resourceintensive website environment, and an online subscription product, the MCLE OnlinePassâ„¢. MCLE has also expanded its publication program into other New England states, with offerings in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Maine.

As MCLE moves forward, an unflagging pursuit of its educational mission and an ability to change with the needs of the bar will continue to define its path.

MCLE Presidents (1969–2018)

Richard C. Van Nostrand
Amy Cashore Mariani
Jennifer A. Yelen
Daniel L. Goldberg
Craig E. Stewart
Phyllis E. Federico
Antoinette E.M. Leoney
Joseph P.J. Vrabel
Kenneth J. Vacovec
Stephen P. Lindsay
Janice Bassil
Gene D. Dahmen
Michael S. Greco
Robert J. Muldoon
Mary E. Weber
Lawrence T. Perera
Edward F. Hines, Jr.
James R. DeGiacomo
Raymond J. Kenney, Jr.
Hon. George C. Keady
Kenneth W. Bergen
Reuben Hall