COVID-19 Precautionary Measures at MCLE


To help protect the MCLE community, all live MCLE programs between March 16th and April 30th, except for coronavirus-related programming, are POSTPONED, and will be re-scheduled for new dates between May and August 2020. During this time, MCLE will continue to offer a curated compilation of our most popular rebroadcasts and over 400 on-demand webcasts, as well as updated publications. We are at your service.
MCLE OnlinePass subscribers: Check our COVID-19 OnlinePass Subscriber Resource Page for daily updates.

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Everything MCLE has online for one low price.

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Q: How do I access my OnlinePass subscription?
Q: I'd like to check out all that MCLE has to offer as part of the OnlinePass, how do I do that?
Q: How can I find out what live webcasts MCLE has scheduled in the near future?
Q: How do I conduct a basic search?
Q: How do I save my search for later reference?

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Q: How do I access a specific MCLE book online?
Q: How do I find all of the eBooks that MCLE has available in a particular practice area?
Q: How do I find written materials on a specific topic? For example, I'd like to find MCLE's written materials on child support.
Q: I've found the eBook I want, now how do I access it and use it?
Q: I'm looking for a sample form? How can I search MCLE's collection of eForms with the OnlinePass?

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Q: How do I take part in a live webcast with the OnlinePass?
Q: How do I access an on demand webcast with the OnlinePass?
Q: How do I find individual lectures from past MCLE programs?