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Live + OnDemand Programs

All webcasts and on demand programs are included in your MCLE OnlinePass® subscription. In addition to more than 175 live webcasts annually, you get unrestricted access to 400 on demand webcasts and downloadable mp3 audio programs, with more added weekly. View prerecorded webcasts in their entirety or as individual streaming video lectures. Prerecorded programs are also available as mp3 files for download or streaming online. For nonsubscribers, MCLE's live webcasts and on demand programs can be purchased separately.

As part of your subscription, attend an in-person program at MCLE during your subscription year for free. Select any standard MCLE program otherwise available to OnlinePass subscribers—that's more than 175 per year, across all practice areas. For example, instead of watching it online, attend in person an annual practice-area conference at MCLE to network with the experts and other practitioners in your field. Or maybe you want to go in person to an MCLE BasicsPlus! program to help you get started in a new practice area. If you are unable to attend the in-person program you selected as your Plus 1, you can cancel or transfer that benefit to another program during your subscription year so that you don't lose out.

For firm subscribers, this Plus 1 benefit extends to every member in your firm.