Accounting for Family Lawyers

Demystify the world of numbers

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    There are many things which naturally frighten the family law practitioner, and many situations are simply out of our control: the client who fails to show for a hearing or the Judge's proclamation to call your first witness. Despite the uncertainties every family lawyer must accept, some fears we can actually overcome through a combination of experience and training. Many if not most attorneys are stymied by financial statements or tax returns. This course demystifies the world of reporting, numbers, and accounting speak. There will not be an accountant or financial person on the panel but, rather, experienced family law practitioners speaking directly to less experienced practitioners, providing what you need to know relative to tax returns and other similar reporting instruments. We review and compare tax returns— personal, corporate, and partnership—along with P & L statements, cash flow reports, and schedules, so that the inexperienced practitioner knows where to look to find hidden or unreported income, hidden assets, and improper expenses. We then focus on the equally important question of how to effectively relay your findings to the Court.

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    Alfred P. Farese, III, Esq., Law Offices of Alfred P. Farese Jr., Everett


    Rachael M. Soun, Esq., Atwood Cherny, PC, Boston