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Issues When Valuation of Assets & Support Collide in Divorce Cases

Double dip: is it theory or reality?

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    If you’ve been in Family and Probate Court, you’ve heard the term “double dip.” Now you will understand the ins and outs of the term and how it impacts any case with an income producing asset and a support order. This program provides you with a foundation and the building blocks necessary to identify if a “double dip” exists and if so, whether the result is inequitable.

    In order to recognize the “double dip,” this program navigates through key concepts such as identifying income producing assets, the impact of valuing those assets, and the effect of incorporating income producing assets in a support order.

    The panel of experts dives into both the legal and financial aspects of the “double dip.” Relevant case law, incorporation of the new child support guidelines, and the Alimony Reform Act are all discussed. Additionally, the real financial impact of the “double dip” is demonstrated by the panel of experts using real life examples.

    Participants foster a clear understanding of what constitutes “double dipping” and develop the tools necessary to identify what are income producing assets and how they are valued. Finally, participants learn to distinguish between an equitable and inequitable result using the relevant case law on “double dipping.”

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