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Child Support & Custody Update 2018

Be ready for your next family law case involving children!

Monday, 6/25/2018, 2:00 pm–5:00 pm
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Custody and support issues present themselves in any divorce or other domestic relations case where un-emancipated children are involved. Honing the skills necessary to effectively handle the many issues (both financial and non-financial) which pertain to children in family law cases is crucial for every attorney practicing in this area. The panel focuses on how the 2017 Child Support Guidelines, recent changes in the Tax Code, and the various options for parenting schedules are likely to have an impact on child support orders, as well as current trends and developments which may affect the successful advocacy of custody and parenting issues.

Online technology has also changed the way parenting schedules are negotiated. The expert faculty discusses how to get the best schedule for your client while using "family-friendly" terminology. Learn how to deal with complex situations like parties living in different states, simultaneous criminal proceedings, and utilizing third-party witnesses in custody cases.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from experienced divorce practitioners as they discuss hot topics in this complex area of family law.

Recent Changes in Both the Child Support Guidelines and the Tax Code
Negotiating Workable Parenting Schedules
Selection of Guardians Ad Litem, Parenting Coordinators, and ARC Attorneys
Effectively Involve Third-Party Witnesses in Custody Cases
DCF Involvement—From Discovery to Trial
Allegations of Physical or Sexual Abuse
Special Issues Presented in Custody Cases Involving Same-Sex Parents and Guardians
"Ask the Experts" Q&A Session

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Jennifer C. Roman, Esq., Hoffman Law Group, Norwood
Amanda Vanderhorst, Esq., Kates & Barlow, PC, Boston



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