On Trial with Judge Young

An intensive and comprehensive thirteen-week course in the law of trial technique

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    NOTE: The date of the Orientation Meeting has been moved from Wednesday, 9/4 to Tuesday, 9/3. The time of the Orientation (4:00–5:30 pm) remains the same, as do all other dates and times. 

    On Trial with Judge Young is an unparalleled learning opportunity for the attorney who is preparing for or currently engaged in trial practice. Judge William G. Young of the U.S. District Court guides practitioners toward confident, practical mastery of trial technique and the law of trial evidence, both state and federal. Taking this course gives you a deep knowledge of the skills and experience required for trial practice—insight that can only come from an in-depth, expert examination of the actual trial process.

    In addition to a careful discussion of trial technique and tips, each weekly meeting includes an hour-long observation of actual trials in progress. Participants have the opportunity to discuss and observe first-hand motion practice, impanelment of juries, arguments concerning directed verdicts, closing arguments, and the judge’s charge. Since the program proceeds through active discussion in chambers and clinical courtroom observation, enrollment is limited to ensure the greatest degree of individual participation.

  • Agenda

    Agenda & Materials

    • The Theory of Relevance; Logical and Legal Relevance; Burdens and Standards of Proof; the Prima Facie Case; the Burdens of Production and Persuasion

    • Trial Preparation; Interrogatory and Deposition Practice; Video Depositions; Physical Examinations, Requests for Entry on Land, Requests for Admission; Litigation Support Services; Preparation of Charts, Summaries, and Demonstrative Aids; the Time Line; “Waves” of Discovery; Multidistrict Litigation Practice; Preparation of the Trial Book

    • Motion Practice; Forum Shopping; Presumptions and Judicial Notice

    • Trial Procedures: Jury Impanelment; Objections and Making the Record; Motions for Directed Verdicts; Requests for Jury Instructions and Findings and Rulings; Time Limits; Roles of the Courtroom Deputy Clerk and Court Reporter and How They Can Help You

    • Courtroom Techniques: Direct and Cross-Examination; Impeachment and Grounds for It

    • Arguments at Trial; Opening Statement; Timing; Closing Argument; Argument in Rebuttal

    • The Theory of the Rule Against Hearsay

    • Experts and the Law of Expert Testimony

    • Evidentiary Foundations; the ARBPHU Rule; the Submission and Use of Tangible Evidence

    • “Ask the Judge” Q&A Session

    Special Program Materials:

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    Hon. William G. Young, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, Boston
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    • $1,345.50 - MCLE Sponsor Member
    • $1,121.25 - New Lawyer
    • $1,121.25 - Pending Admittee
    • $1,121.25 - Law Student
    • $1,121.25 - Paralegal
    • $1,495.00 - All Others