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Evidence Admissibility in Family Law Cases

Offering or opposing the introduction of evidence

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Family Law is evolving and so is the evidence that is available for trial. What evidence is allowed in and how do you get it in? What is hearsay and what are the exceptions? What privileges have exceptions and when can they be waived?

    This seminar provides both experienced and new practitioners with real-life examples and suggestions to demystify the Probate and Family Court. With a panel of experienced practitioners, you learn how evidence can be used effectively at trial. In addition, hear what works and, perhaps most importantly, what doesn’t work. Stay on top of the latest issues in the introduction of real and demonstrative evidence, as well as the latest in electronic discovery. Get answers to questions on deposition transcripts at trial, what order to call your witnesses, what should you stipulate to in advance, and anything else you want to know!

  • Agenda

    Agenda & Materials

    • Identifying Hearsay and Knowing the Exceptions

    • What Is the Admissibility of Child Therapist Communications in DCF Reports or on Matters Not Touching the Communications with the Patient?

    • DCF Records as Evidence: What Should and Shouldn’t Be Admitted? Who Should Be Called to Testify? How Do You Deal with Redactions in the Reports?

    • Marital and Therapist Privileges: What Are the Exceptions? How Do You Get the Testimony into Evidence?

    • Admissibility of Text Messages, Police Reports, and Recordings

    • Real and Demonstrative Evidence

    • Foundations: Learn How to Ask the Questions and Introduce the Evidence

    • “Ask the Experts” Q&A Session

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    • $202.50 - MCLE Sponsor Member
    • $168.75 - New Lawyer
    • $168.75 - Pending Admittee
    • $168.75 - Law Student
    • $168.75 - Paralegal
    • $225.00 - All Others

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