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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    It's not your strong opening argument. It's not your skillful direct. It's not how many of your impassioned objections the judge sustains. It's not your confident demeanor. It's not even how you tie your theory of the case together with a dazzling closing statement bow.

    What wins your trial is your cross.

    Cross-examination is the single most important element of a trial well-conducted. When you learn to do it right, Larry Pozner says, you accomplish four critical goals:

    1. you amp up the witness's voice to relate each fact of your story to the jury; 
    2. you break that story down into clear, veridical "chapters"—factual building blocks that trigger and channel jury cognitions; 
    3. you construct logical, semantic links between your opening and closing—links necessary for the jury to resonate with your theory of the case; and 
    4. you use witness emotion—like anxiety—to reconstruct fading memories, compel honesty, eliminate distortions, close down paths to irrational outcomes, and empower your jury to reach a clear decision.

    Pozner shares signature techniques well-grounded in current thinking about the neuroscience of decision, memory, and emotion. He trains you on three tactical rules of cross-examination that have made his bestselling book, Cross-Examination: Science and Techniques (3rd Ed., LexisNexis), a wildly popular guide for courtroom lawyers. He explains how leading questions can moderate witness behavior on the stand; how simple sentence construction, fact-ordering, and the paintbrush of mental imagery can make a witness malleable; and how simple, logic-based facts can build memorable narrative, channel judge and jury cognition, and drive the engine of inference to your advantage.

    Pozner calls his technique "The Chapter Method of Cross-Examination." Learn it just once, and you can use it with spectacular results for the rest of your career. This entertaining, hands-on training offers you sample "chapters" and powerful sample scripts that you can tailor to your own facts. Let Pozner teach you how to derail your opponent and impeach the key witness—even the most evasive, memory-challenged or talkative one—in just a matter of minutes.


    LARRY POZNER is a nationally recognized trial lawyer, lecturer, and author out of Denver, CO. Larry's lectures are built around the newest tools for understanding how to motivate jurors to award us the verdict we seek, the advanced techniques of cross that can immediately result in an advantage in trial, and how we can all become quicker at crafting the cross examinations that win cases. Larry began his career in the Colorado Public Defender system. He later formed a criminal defense firm, and a subsequent firm handling both plaintiff and defense sides of document-intensive civil matters for businesses large and small, but if we are being blunt, mostly large. For many years Larry defended the Denver Broncos franchise in trials including the lawsuit challenging Pat Bowlen's purchase of the team. Larry won, which is why he could remain in Colorado. Larry is a past-President of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He is listed in Best Lawyers in America for Bet-the-Company litigation, and in Criminal Defense, both White Collar and Non-White Collar crimes. He has lectured in 48 states, throughout Canada, and strangely, Brazil. As a teacher at the University of Denver College of Law he was voted Best Professor. But that may have been due to his "nobody flunks" policy.

  • Agenda

    Agenda & Materials

    • 9:30 am - 10:00 am

      The philosophy of modern cross examination

      Constructive cross + destructive cross • The advantages of cross-centered preparation • Understanding how the mind makes decisions
      Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC , Denver
    • 10:00 am - 10:30 am

      The Chapter method of cross examination

      Chapters; the easiest shortcut to winning crosses • The science of chucking information • Telling stories through chapter bundles
      Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC , Denver
    • 10:30 am - 11:00 am

      Viewing cases as a series of events

      Asymmetrical cross; making the case about our best stories • Redefining what is important within the case • The quickest way to chart the stories
      Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC , Denver
    • 11:00 am - 11:15 am


    • 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

      Drafting Chapters

      The science of single task concentration • Efficiently breaking the file into chapters • Options as to the amount detail in draft chapters
      Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC , Denver
    • 12:15 pm - 1:15 pm


    • 1:15 pm -2:15 pm

      Pattern impeachment chapters

      Mastering cross without trials • Impactful impeachments • Pattern chapters that work in any kind of case
      Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC , Denver
    • 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

      Controlling the opposing witness

      Depriving the witness of time to deceive • Structuring the question to shrink the field of evasion • Grouping facts to tell winning stories
      Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC , Denver
    • 3:15 pm - 3:30 pm


    • 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

      Preparation of cross chapters

      Elements of a page of cross • Page format samples • The power that comes from sourcing the facts
      Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC , Denver

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    Larry S. Pozner, Esq., L S Pozner, PLLC, Denver