Cybersecurity Insurance

Scope of policies, typical exclusions and mitigation measures

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    As the daily news headlines around the world continue to fill with reports of ransomware attacks, cryptocurrency exploits, and data breaches of all sorts, lawyers must prepare to counsel their clients through the intricate web of cybersecurity insurance questions. This fast-paced webcast explains the types of insurance available, the steps lawyers should advise businesses to take to manage their cyber risk profile, and the issues purchasers of cyber insurance should consider. The expert speaker uses case scenarios and hypotheticals to bring these important issues to life.

  • Agenda

    Agenda & Materials

    • Overview of Cybersecurity Insurance

    • Scope of Different Cybersecurity Insurance Policies

    • Typical Cybersecurity Insurance Exclusions

    • Effective Measures for Mitigating Cybersecurity Risk Profiles

    • Best Practices in Preparing for a Cybersecurity Event

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