MCLE_logo MCLE joins Veterans Legal Services in Educational Initiative

Series of Free Training Videos

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc. and Veterans Legal Services are pleased to announce an online initiative to assist veterans and those in the legal profession and elsewhere who strive to serve veterans in their transition to civilian life. We recognize the difficulties combat veterans from the Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan theaters often face upon return and that these difficulties often involve legal issues. Fortunately, in the Commonwealth, there are individuals and groups, private and public, who will “walk the walk” with veterans to assist them with legal problems that bear on employment, housing, education, finances, medical care, and criminal law.

To help educate and train those in the legal profession and others who seek to help veterans, we are making available a series of brief training videos addressing common issues experienced by military veterans returning to civilian life. Other videos will follow throughout the year. We hope that veterans and those who advocate for them find this series helpful and instructive. We welcome your feedback at

If you are interested in assisting veterans or for more information, contact Veterans Legal Services at


Watch NowMichelle S. Wolf
Veterans Disability Benefits

Veterans’ Disability Benefits: An Overview »
Recorded Monday, June 10, 2019 (8:44)

In this WebBrief, Attorney Wolf provides basic information about veterans’ federal disability benefits, the system by which veterans are compensated for the economic impact resulting from injuries or conditions that occurred in service. She explains who is eligible for federal disability benefits and where to go to get started, identifies veterans services organizations and other resources available to assist veterans in applying for benefits, and describes the initial application process and requirements.

Watch NowEve C. Elliott
Senior Staff Attorney
Veterans Legal Services, Boston

Overview of Child Support for Veterans & Their Service Providers »
Recorded Thursday, May 9, 2019 (10:17)

In this presentation, Attorney Elliott defines child support and how it is calculated, explains the importance of financial statements as well as the process for modifying the amount of support paid if the circumstances permit. In addition to describing the role of the Department of Revenue (DOR) in ensuring compliance with child support orders, she identifies where child support lies among one’s other debts and obligations and concludes with a summary of other resources available in the event a veteran is having difficulty paying child support or other living expenses.

Watch NowHon. Mary Hogan Sullivan (Ret.)
Director of Specialty Courts, District Court Department
Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Veterans Treatment Court »
Recorded Monday, May 6, 2019 (10:18)

In this presentation, Judge Sullivan, who established the first Veterans Treatment Court in Massachusetts in 2012, explains what this alternative to incarceration is and is not, why it was created, and how veterans can take advantage of this option when charged with and convicted of a crime. In addition to listing the primary characteristics of the Veterans Treatment Courts, the presentation distinguishes this court program from other diversion programs offered under the Valor and the Brave Acts, offers answers to frequently asked questions, and identifies the factors to consider when determining whether this program is right for you.

Watch NowThomas R. Capasso, Deputy Court Administrator,
Juvenile Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Some Questions and Answers on the Sealing & Expungement of Records Processes in the Massachusetts Trial Court »
Recorded Friday, November 30, 2018 (24:25)

In this presentation, Mr. Capasso offers a primer on the processes for sealing and expunging criminal records after the passage of the 2018 Criminal Justice Reform Bill. He first discusses the two methods of sealing records, including the recent changes to sealing procedures and the time frames required for petitioning to have records sealed. He then continues with an overview of expungement pursuant to G.L. c. 276, as amended, including the differences between expungement and sealing and the two different types of expungement permitted under the law.
  Petition for Expungement (G.L. c. 276, § 100K)
  Petition to Expunge (G.L. c. 276, § 100F, § 100G, § 100H)
    Links are fillable PDF forms that will be downloaded to your computer.)

Watch NowKelley A. Crisp, Esq.
Ropes & Gray LLP

Basic Estate Planning Documents:
Wills, Powers of Attorney and Health Care Proxies

Recorded Friday, November 30, 2018 (15:22)

This presentation provides an overview of several basic estate planning documents, including wills, powers of attorney, health care proxies and beneficiary designations. These documents fall into two categories: end of life planning documents (wills and beneficiary designations) and incapacity planning documents (powers of attorney and health care proxies). Both of these categories and the documents included thereunder are essential to the estate planning process. This presentation covers each of these documents, their purpose and what to consider when deciding how to dispose of your property at death and who you should name to act on your behalf pursuant to each document.
  Basic Estate Planning Documents Overview
  Basic Estate Planning Documents (PowerPoint presentation)

Watch Now
Donald R. Lassman, Esq.
Law Office of Donald R. Lassman, Needham

Bankruptcy Primer for Veterans and Their Advocates »
Recorded Wednesday, June 14, 2017 (10:47)

In this informative training video directed towards veterans, their advocates and attorneys, Attorney Lassman provides a basic primer on personal bankruptcy. Addressing five main questions of interest, he (1) summarizes the primary reasons individuals file for bankruptcy; (2) after identifying alternatives to bankruptcy, explains how federal bankruptcy protection can help provide individuals with a fresh start; (3) highlights the various warning signs that suggest bankruptcy may be imminent; (4) clearly and succinctly describes the bankruptcy process, the steps involved, and a typical timeline; and (5) concludes with suggestions on how and where veterans can get help.

Watch NowT. Keith Fogg
Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School, Director of the Federal Tax Clinic at Harvard Legal Services Center

The Tax Man Cometh and What To Do About It »
Recorded Monday, February 27, 2017 (9:41)

In this informative training video, Professor Fogg discusses where veterans with civil tax matters can get help. He describes the various phases of controversies with the IRS—from initial IRS examination to litigation in the U.S. Tax Court to the collection phase—and then explores the different options available to those who are not able to pay the full debt owed. He also discusses the consequences of failing to file tax returns and how veterans may be able to take advantage of the IRS’s Innocent Spouse Relief provisions to be relieved of joint-and-several liability for taxes in circumstances such as divorce.