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Legal Heritage Books

MCLE's Legal Heritage Series is a unique collection of books that celebrate Massachusetts' rich legal history and the people, institutions and stories that are a part of it.

All proceeds from the sales of books in MCLE's Legal Heritage Series support MCLE's Scholarship Endowment, providing affordable continuing legal education to Massachusetts lawyers. By purchasing these publications, you not only benefit from the personal stories they tell about Massachusetts' rich legal history, but you also help continue Massachusetts' legal heritage by funding scholarships for public service lawyers who otherwise could not attend MCLE programs.

Breaking Barriers: The Unfinished Story of Women Lawyers and Judges in Massachusetts An unprecedented and unique account of Massachusetts women's progress in the legal profession. Barbara F. Berenson, Hon. Margot Botsford, Hon. Patti B. Saris, et al. © 2012 MCLE, Inc., 472 pages (hardcover), $95.

The Hennessey Papers A collection of selected writings from a legal career spanning more than five decades during a period of extraordinary changes in the law, the courts, and society. Hon. Edward F. Hennessey © 2002 MCLE, Inc., 174 pages (hardcover), $35.

Legal Chowder: Lawyering and Judging in Massachusetts A walk down Massachusetts' legal memory lane Hon. Rudolph Kass et al. © 2002 MCLE, Inc., 306 pages (hardcover), $95.

Reflections of a Trial Judge A collection of lectures capturing some of the dynamic lessons on evidence and trial techniques taught by U.S. District Court Judge William G. Young over the years. Hon. William G. Young © 1998 MCLE, Inc., 336 pages (hardcover), $35.

Reflections on Diversity in the Massachusetts Legal Profession: Past and Present Personal narratives and historical accounts by lawyers of varying backgrounds. Hon. Rudolph Kass et al. © 2014 MCLE, Inc.,150 pages (hardcover), $35.

Rough Justice to Due Process: The District Courts of Massachusetts 1869-2004 The intriguing "life story" of a court system—how a judicial system is shaped by changing times. Jerome S. Berg © 2014 MCLE, Inc.,172 pages (softcover), $35.