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How do I access the OnlinePass?
To access all features of the OnlinePass, log into your account by selecting SIGN IN at the top of any page on the MCLE website. On smaller screens, such as phones and tablets, open the menu at the top left, then select SIGN IN. If you've forgotten your password, choose the "Send password" button on the sign in screen.
Can I get CLE credit for watching an on demand video (electure)?
On demand videos (electures) are individual lectures from longer MCLE webcasts. They do not include periodic attendance prompts. If you need CLE credit, we recommend that you select a live webcast, on demand webcast, or recorded webcast.
What are the password requirements for MCLE accounts?
Your password must contain at least 7 characters and no more than 15 characters, including at least 1 number and at least 1 letter. Special characters like $ and * are not permitted. Passwords are case sensitive.
*Note that you cannot reuse a recently used password.*
When can I expect my order to arrive?
We process most orders within 24 business hours of receipt and shipping generally takes between 3 to 7 days.
Can I earn CLE credits for participating in an MCLE webcast?
States have varying credit requirements; individual attorneys are responsible for checking with their particular state CLE accreditation authority about whether and how much credit will be granted. MCLE does regularly submit to Rhode Island and Maine. Although MCLE does not pursue state-based credit (outside of Rhode Island and Maine), our programs are regularly approved in many jurisdictions; it is the responsibility of the individual attorney interested in CLE credit to submit the information and certifications required under the respective state rule to the appropriate state authorities in the jurisdictions in which they seek credit. MCLE live webcast programs do, however, feature periodic attendance prompts.
Why am I receiving book updates that I do not recall ordering?
When you buy an MCLE book you are automatically signed up for MCLE's update service so that you never have to worry about your book being out of date. There is always an option not to sign up for this service, but if you didn't take that option, or have changed your mind about receiving automatic updates, you can opt out by (1) logging into your account on the MCLE website and going to My Account > Subscriptions & Orders > Print Book Supplement Service or (2) contacting MCLE Customer Service at 617-482-2205 or