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How do I apply for a scholarship to attend a program?
Request a partial-tuition scholarship by emailing at least two weeks in advance of the program. Please be sure to include the following information in your request:
-Your Full Name:
-Year Admitted to the Bar:
-Program Name:
-Program Date and Location (including whether webcast or in-person):
-Program Number (found on the program webpage above the CLE credits):
-Statement of Financial Need (a sentence or so):
-Statement on how this program could benefit your practice and your clients:
Scholarship requests may take up to two weeks to process. You will receive an autoreply email after submitting your request; if you do not receive an autoreply, it is recommended that you resubmit your request.
Who is eligible for an MCLE scholarship?
Scholarships are generally awarded to attorneys admitted to practice in Massachusetts. There are a limited number of scholarships available for non-attorneys, law students, or out-of-state attorneys that may be awarded at MCLE?s discretion. If you are not a Massachusetts attorney, please include with your request an explanation of your circumstances and why you would like to attend an MCLE program.
Do MCLE scholarships cover the entire tuition for a program?
No, MCLE awards partial tuition scholarships. Recipients are still required to pay a portion of the tuition, or co-pay. The amount of the co-pay for which the recipient is responsible varies and is based on the type and length of program, but typically is about 25% of the program's top fee.
How many scholarships can I receive?
All scholarship recipients are generally limited to a maximum of two program scholarships per fiscal year. MCLE's fiscal year runs from September 1 through August 31, so the limit resets every year on September 1. Additional scholarships may occasionally be awarded at MCLE's discretion. Other types of scholarships or discounts - such as new lawyer discounts or vouchers - do not count towards this limit.
Why isn't my scholarship code working?
Scholarship codes are non-transferrable. They are tied to a specific account and a specific program. Most scholarship code errors are related to multiple accounts or different formats of the same program (e.g., if a scholarship code is for an in-person program, it will not work for the webcast version of the same program). Please contact if your scholarship code is not found and let them know a) what email address you are using to log in and b) which program format you are registering for. It is recommended to register for the program in advance of the start date to ensure that any errors can be resolved in a timely manner. For other types of errors, please contact MCLE Customer Service.