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How long does it typically take for me to receive a book I order?
MCLE typically ships books within 1 business day of an order being received. Note that an order placed after 12:00 pm on a Friday will ship out the following Monday. Books ship via UPS; delivery time will vary based on your delivery address. While books shipped to Boston addresses usually arrive within 1-2 business days, other destinations may take 5-7 business days. If you don't want to wait for a print book to arrive, you may prefer to order an ebook for immediate download!

Automatic Book Update Service

Why am I receiving book updates that I do not recall ordering?
When you buy an MCLE book you are automatically signed up for MCLE's update service so that you never have to worry about your book being out of date. There is always an option not to sign up for this service, but if you didn't take that option, or have changed your mind about receiving automatic updates, you can opt out by (1) logging into your account on the MCLE website and going to My Account > Subscriptions & Orders > Print Book Supplement Service or (2) contacting MCLE Customer Service at 617-482-2205 or

Book Returns

How do I return a book update that was sent to me automatically that I don't want?
If you do not wish to keep a book update that was automatically mailed to you, you have several options.
(1) Write CANCEL on the invoice and return both the invoice and the book to MCLE. You can mail the package to MCLE at 10 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108; drop it off in our bookstore during business hours; or contact Customer Service at 617-482-2205 or to arrange a UPS pickup.
(2) Log into your account at and click your name to go to your MY ACCOUNT PAGE. Navigate to Subscriptions + Orders > Print Book Supplement Service. Open invoices will display and you can request a UPS return label.
Once MCLE receives your return, we will clear the invoice balance and remove you from the automatic update service for that book.

Print Book Forms Downloads

My book includes downloadable forms, how do I get them?
In your print book, directly after the table of contents, is a page titled: ELECTRONIC FORMS DOWNLOAD. That page lists a case sensitive download code and will direct you to
On that webpage (which does not require a log in), enter the code and select the "View Forms" button. You can then select to download all available forms in Zip file or only specific ones you choose. Then select the "Download" button. The MCLE Electronic Forms End-User Warranty and License Agreement will appear; check the box to agree and then select the continue button.
A Zip file will appear shortly (on most browsers, in the top right corner). If you don't see it, go to your computer's Downloads folder.
I'm having trouble opening the zip file of downloaded forms.
Follow these steps when downloading the files:
1. After downloading exhibit files, go to your computer's download folder. i.e., This PC > Downloads
2. Locate the downloaded file and right click on it > Extract All > a pop-up window will appear on the screen.
3. Rename the file name to something short that you will remember. Some computers limit the length of the file
4. Select the Extract button.