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Week of May 17, 2018

Estate Planning + Administration
Actions Under the MUTC and Case Updates 1:01:14
Matthew Joseph Bresette, Esq. 
Source: MUPC & MUTC Update 2017, November 14, 2017

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Civil Litigation

  • Hon. Paul E. Troy 

A View from the Bench 0:32:15

  • Source: Trial Objections for Civil Litigators, January 26, 2018

Through 5/23/2018

Criminal Law

  • Hon. Helen Brown Bryant 
  • Hon. Jay D. Blitzman 

The Opioid Crisis In Massachusetts Has Has A Tremendous Impact On Thecourt System. What Approaches Can Counsel Consider In A C&P Proceeding In Order To Get A Parent Meaningful Treatment For A Drug And/Or Alcohol Addiction Issue In His Or Her Effort To Regain Custody of The Child? 0:18:47

  • Source: Juvenile Court Judicial Forum 2018, January 25, 2018

Through 5/30/2018

Business + Commercial Law

  • Adam J. Ruttenberg, Esq. 
  • David R. Chenelle, Esq. 

Consumer Panel: Dude, Where’s My Exemption? Disappearing Exemptions in Consumer Cases 1:07:05

  • Source: 19th Annual New England Bankruptcy Law Conference 2017, December 6, 2017

Through 6/6/2018

Employment + Labor Law

  • Catherine E. Reuben, Esq. 

Drug Use, Political Extremism & Other Off-Duty Conduct Conundrums 0:41:17

  • Source: Employment Law for Business Lawyers & In-House Counsel, January 25, 2018

Through 6/13/2018

Practice Development

  • Allan Mackenzie 

Adobe Acrobat 0:59:32

  • Source: Tech2Practice: Maximizing the Potential of Microsoft Word® & Adobe® PDF for Lawyers, January 10, 2018

Through 6/20/2018

Real Estate + Environmental Law

  • Donald E. Vaughan, Esq. 
  • Harry S. Miller, Esq. 
  • Jordan L. Shapiro, Esq. 
  • Sheila M. Hurley, Esq. 

Nominee Trusts, Certificates of Trusts and " Real" Trusts 0:43:44

  • Source: LLCs, Nominee Trusts & Other Real Estate Holding Entities, January 23, 2018

Through 6/27/2018

Family Law

  • Mia A. Frabotta, Esq. 

Caselaw Update 1:13:28

  • Source: Advocating Under Alimony Reform 2017, November 20, 2017

Through 7/4/2018

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