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Week of June 22, 2017

Civil Litigation
Lecture: Direct Examination 0:17:23
Hon. Paul D. Wilson 
Source: Civil Trial Advocacy: MCLE BasicsPlus!®, October 18, 2016

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Business + Commercial Law

  • Peter M. Moldave, Esq. 

Overview of Sources of Risk and Opportunity from Online Use of Intellectual Property and Personal Information 0:11:55

  • Source: Representing Online Businesses from Inception to Litigation, March 22, 2017

Through 7/5/2017

Employment + Labor Law

  • Catherine E. Reuben, Esq. 
  • James S. Weliky, Esq. 

The New Massachusetts Pay Equity Law, Expanding Scope of Title VII, and Other Hot Topics in Discrimination Law 1:01:24

  • Source: Employment Law for Business Lawyers & In-House Counsel, January 26, 2017

Through 7/12/2017

Practice Management

  • Matthew V. Pettine 

Data Security 0:39:30

  • Source: Hanging Your Shingle , March 22, 2017

Through 7/19/2017

Real Estate + Environmental Law

  • Lynne Murphy Breen, Esq. 

Practical Skills: Buying and Selling a Home 1:14:45

  • Source: Practical Skills: Buying & Selling a Home, January 3, 2017

Through 7/26/2017

Family Law

  • Stephen N. Lander, Esq. 

Grounds for Deviation 0:16:00

  • Source: Advocating Under Alimony Reform, October 6, 2016

Through 8/2/2017

Estate Planning + Administration

  • Eric R. Oalican, Esq. 

Basic Rules of Nursing Home Medicaid 1:01:28

  • Source: Elder Law: MCLE BasicsPlus!®, September 22, 2016

Through 8/9/2017

Criminal Law

  • Shira M. Diner, Esq. 

Overview of the Framework for Defending Probation Surrenders 1:07:16

  • Source: Probation Violations in the District Court, June 27, 2016

Through 8/23/2017