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Week of January 10, 2019

Criminal Law
Parole 0:30:40
Gloriann Moroney, Esq. 
Source: Sentencing, Probation & Parole, October 15, 2018

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Employment + Labor Law

  • Christopher S. Feudo, Esq. 

Overview of the New Paid Family and Medical Leave Program 0:16:09

  • Source: "1st Look" at the New Massachusetts Paid Family & Medical Leave Program & Minimum Wage Changes, July 30, 2018

Through 1/23/2019

Practice Development

  • Colleen Torell 

Professional Development + Learning 0:18:14

  • Source: LinkedIn for Legal Professionals: Tech2Practice, September 12, 2018

Through 1/30/2019

Real Estate + Environmental Law

  • Catherine F. Downing, Esq. 

Overview of Federal and State Laws Governing Requests for Reasonable Accommodation in Housing 0:18:21

  • Source: Reasonable Accommodations in Housing Demystified, May 22, 2018

Through 2/6/2019

Family Law

  • Hon. Abbe L. Ross 

Judge’s Comments on What Is Expected at Pre-Trial Hearings, Time Standards, and Other Practice Suggestions 0:12:49

  • Source: Trying Divorce Cases, October 22, 2018

Through 2/13/2019

Estate Planning + Administration

  • Alexander A. Bove, Jr., Esq. 
  • Eric P. Hayes, Esq. 
  • Joan Garrity Flynn, Esq. 
  • Ruth A. Mattson, Esq. 

"Ask the Experts" Q&A Session 0:06:53

  • Source: Will & Trust Drafting MasterClass, October 16, 2018

Through 2/20/2019

Civil Litigation

  • David A.F. Lewis, Esq. 

Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure Overview 0:14:31

  • Source: 4th Annual Appellate Practice Conference 2018, June 21, 2018

Through 2/27/2019

Business + Commercial Law

  • Amanda E. Schreyer, Esq. 

Privacy and Data Security: Overview of US Laws; Impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on US Business 0:35:13

  • Source: Doing Business Online, October 18, 2018

Through 3/13/2019

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