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Week of May 23, 2019

Practice Development
Ethical and HR Considerations at the End of the Lawyer-Firm Relationship 0:17:39
Ellen J. Messing, Esq. 
Source: HR Issues for Law Firms & Legal Departments, October 24, 2018

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Real Estate + Environmental Law

  • Edward Gelles, Esq. 

Work Letters and Construction Contracts in a Nutshell—Construction Law for the Non-Construction Lawyer 0:18:56

  • Source: Commercial Buildouts, November 8, 2018

Through 5/29/2019

Family Law

  • Donald L. Pitman, III, Esq. 
  • Hon. Thomas J. Barbar 
  • Martha R. Bagley, Esq. 
  • Nicole C. Armstrong, Esq. 
  • SallyAnn Janulevicus, Esq. 

Demonstration of Exemplars 0:40:43

  • Source: Evidence Admissibility in Family Law Cases, January 25, 2019

Through 6/5/2019

Estate Planning + Administration

  • Leo J. Cushing, Esq. 

Brief History—How We Got to Where We Are With Medicaid Trusts 1:15:02

  • Source: Drafting Successful Medicaid Trusts, December 6, 2018

Through 6/12/2019

Civil Litigation

  • Andrew Dulberg, Esq. 
  • Christopher A. Callanan, Esq. 
  • Hon. Patti B. Saris 
  • Sarah R. Frazier, Esq. 

Conducting Discovery in Federal Court 0:31:10

  • Source: 3rd Annual Federal Court Civil Practice Conference 2018, December 4, 2018

Through 6/19/2019

Criminal Law

  • Jason T. Green, Esq. 

Statute Review and Case Law Update 0:39:50

  • Source: 58A "Dangerousness Hearings", February 1, 2019

Through 6/26/2019

Business + Commercial Law

  • Robert E. Baute, Jr., Esq. 

Operating and Setting Up Corporations and LLCs to Minimize Exposure 0:26:00

  • Source: LLC Liability Loopholes & Piercing the Corporate Veil, October 19, 2018

Through 7/3/2019

Employment + Labor Law

  • Ellen J. Messing, Esq. 
  • Gretchen K. Pratt, Esq. 
  • Jaclyn L. Kugell, Esq. 

Staff Issues in Law Firms 0:16:13

  • Source: HR Issues for Law Firms & Legal Departments, October 24, 2018

Through 7/10/2019

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