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Massachusetts Criminal Law Sourcebook & Citator

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  • Product Number: 1860007B00
  • Publication Date: 4/26/2023
  • Edition: 2023 Edition
  • Copyright: © 2023 MCLE, Inc.
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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    A wide body of frequently-needed information organized into one resource. Both prosecutors and defense attorneys will find this popular publication saves valuable time when preparing for a trial or when looking for a quick reference. Enjoy easy access to key elements of particular crimes; what the Commonwealth needs to prove to support its case; distinctions between related crimes; the lesser included offense in a given crime; available defenses; procedural requirements; key evidentiary issues; penalties for particular crimes; and sentencing options.

    Recent updates:

    • Update: April 2023

      Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for subscribing to annual updates to the Massachusetts Criminal Law Sourcebook & Citator . This 2023 revised edition brings together statutes, rules, commentary, and annotations for your fast and efficient reference. The following are just a few of the many updates in the new edition:

      • Part 1—Selected Statutes. Find new notes within statutes pertaining to crimes against property, care and protection of children and proceedings against them, mental health, firearm licenses, abuse prevention, witnesses and evidence, and more.
      • Part 2—Crimes, Punishments, and Proceedings. Find new notes pertaining to waiver of jury trial, constitutional reading of statutes, sudden oral revelation of infidelity, physician-assisted suicide, victim's use of force to resist, and more.
      • Part 3—Massachusetts Rules of Criminal Procedure. Find amendments and new notes pertaining to summoning grand juries, requests for continuances, coercive package pleas, the right to a speedy trial, mandatory discovery, and more.
      • Part 6—Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure. Find amendments and notes for Rules 4 (Appeal—When Taken), Rule 16 (Brief), and Rule 17 (Brief of an Amicus Curiae).
      • Part 8—Probation and Probation Revocation Hearings. Find new material on compliance credits, dispositional probation, probationer's waiver of the right to a hearing, confronting an adverse witness, payment of restitution, modifying conditions of probation, and continuances.
      • Part 10—Schedule of Assessments for Civil Motor Vehicle Infractions. See a new table, last issued January 14, 2022.
      • Part 11—Alphabetical References to Evidence. See new entries, under "failure to call witnesses," "ineffective assistance of counsel," "joint venture," "plea colloquoy," and "rule of lenity."

      We at MCLE trust that you will find this fresh material useful in your practice and in your criminal law library.


      Maryanne G. Jensen, Esq., MCLE Publications Director

  • Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

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    Selected Statutes

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    Part 2 expand

    Crimes, Punishments, and Proceedings in Criminal Cases

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    Part 3 expand

    Massachusetts Rules of Criminal Procedure

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    Part 4 expand

    Rules of the Superior Court

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    Part 5 expand

    District/Municipal Court Rules of Criminal Procedure

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    Part 6 expand

    Massachusetts Rules of Appellate Procedure and Selected Appeals Court Rules

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    Part 7 expand

    District/Municipal Courts Rules for Probation Violation Proceedings

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    Part 8 expand

    Probation and Probation Revocation Hearings

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    Part 9 expand

    Elements and Penalties of Selected Crimes

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    Part 10 expand

    Schedule of Assessments for Civil Motor Vehicle Infractions

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    Part 11 expand

    Alphabetical References to Evidence

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  • Editors & Authors


    Helle Sachse, Esq., Office of the Attorney General, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Boston


    Nina L. Pomponio, Esq., Massachusetts Probation Services, Boston