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Federal Civil Litigation in the First Circuit

Your Trusted Ally For First Circuit Practice

1084 pages in 2 volumes (printed book)
3rd Edition 2017
© 2017 MCLE, Inc.
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Product Description

A unique ally in pursuing or defending your federal civil cases and appeals, Federal Civil Litigation in the First Circuit gives you authority and insight into the many aspects of federal civil practice. From the threshold dispositive motion through civil appellate practice, this manual guides you through the phases of litigation. Each chapter is full of case citations-over 1,000 cases-cited as well as federal rules authority and advice specific to practice in the First Circuit. Featured chapters offer you valuable information on practice within the various districts within the First Circuit; the Districts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine and Puerto Rico. Selected exhibits, including sample forms, critical standing orders, checklists and selected references get you the information you need to practice knowledgeably.

The editors of this practical guide to First Circuit practice have carefully selected federal court practitioners who collectively have hundreds of years of experience in First Circuit courtrooms, trying and appealing cases that have made legal history!

Recent updates:

  • Update: July 2017

    Dear Subscriber:

    Thank you for choosing to update your federal civil litigation law library with this third edition of Federal Civil Litigation in the First Circuit.

    • See Chapter 1 for summaries of eight federal decisions on the topic of employment discrimination law.
    • See Chapter 3 for discussion of recent developments relative to discov-ery.
    • See Chapter 5 for an interesting treatment of the impact of foreign ju-risdictions on Rule 11 sanctions.
    • See Chapter 6 for information on the doctrine of verbal completeness, where a statement is offered against a defendant as an admission.
    • See Chapter 9 for new commentary relative to arbitration and its impact on case management.

    This is just a small sample of the updates to be found in the third edition.

    We at MCLE trust that you will find this new material to be useful in your feder-al civil litigation practice, and valuable in keeping your law library current.


    Maryanne G. Jensen, Esq., MCLE Director of Publications

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 - Summary Judgment and Other Threshold Dispositive Motions (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 2 - Preliminary Injunctions and Temporary Restraining Orders (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 3 - Discovery (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 4 - Effective Oral Argument (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 5 - Sanctions (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 6 - Selected Federal Evidentiary Issues (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 7 - Magistrate Judge Practice (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 8 - Attorney Fees (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 9 - Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs and Practice (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 10 - Practice Before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 11 - Civil Justice Reform Act (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 12 - Damages Actions Under Section 1983 (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 13 - RICO in Federal Civil Litigation (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 14 - Employment Discrimination Law (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 15 - Litigating Under the Federal Tort Claims Act (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 16 - Superfund in the First Circuit (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 17 - Practice in the District of Massachusetts (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 18 - Practice in the District of Rhode Island (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 19 - Practice in the District of New Hampshire (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 20 - Practice in the District of Maine (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 21 - Practice in the District of Puerto Rico (Buy Chapter)



Hon. Lincoln D. Almond, U.S. District Court, District of Rhode Island, Providence
Hon. Robert B. Collings, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, Boston
Timothy J. Fazio, Esq., Hunton Andrews Kurth LLP, Boston
Jennifer Martin Foster, Esq., Walker & DiMarco, PC, Malden
Corinne Hood Greene, Esq., Greene & Hafer, LLC, Charlestown
Susanne Hafer, Esq., Greene and Hafer LLC, Charlestown
Eric R. LeBlanc, Esq., Bennett & Belfort, PC, Cambridge
Hon. Landya B. McCafferty, U.S. District Court, District of New Hamsphire, Concord
Berry B. Mitchell, U.S. District Court, Diistrict of Rhode Island, Providence
Judith H. Mizner, Esq., Federal Public Defender Office, Boston
Pamela E. Phelan, Esq., U.S. District Court, District of New Hampshire, Concord
Hon. Michael A. Ponsor, U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts, Springfield
Sarah E.A Sousa, Esq., Arrowood, LLP, Boston
Hon. Patricia A. Sullivan, U.S. District Count, District of Rhode Island, Providence



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