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Benchmarks XXIV: The Life and Legacy of Joseph L. Tauro

Honoring a lifetime of public service—

222 pages in 1 volume (printed book)
1st Edition 2011
© 2011 MCLE, Inc.
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To honor the unique achievements of Massachusetts' 24th United States District Judge, the U.S. District Court joined with MCLE in publishing this biography of Judge Joseph L. Tauro. It is the first in a series of biographies of the federal judges that has been commissioned by the court with the goal of preserving the personal perspectives of the judges, while making their professional achievements known to the public. Inside this sixteen-chapter biography is the lively, dramatic, and inspiring story of a man who spent his entire professional life working to achieve social justice in the Commonwealth.

Judge Tauro's story begins with an account of his young years, growing up in Malden and Swampscott; it goes on to tell of his college and law school years (Brown and Cornell), followed by his honorable military service. It then tells of his interesting law practice, which culminated in his appointment as a U.S. attorney.

The Tauro brand of social justice

The very best chapters of this engaging story recount the most significant professional role of Judge Tauro's life—U.S. District Judge for the District of Massachusetts. It is the role that suited him well, given that he was a man who had always been well-suited to serving the public good. Spanning the length and breadth of his public service on the federal bench, examples of the unique Tauro brand of social justice are many, including:

• setting a nation-wide precedent for the transformation of state institutions for the intellectually disabled;

• calling for an end to solitary confinement and forced medication of mental health patients in state psychiatric institutions;

• encouraging the multi-million dollar settlement that ensured equitable public housing treatment for persons of color;

• deciding two 1990s cases that challenged the racial status quo in terms of voting and school admissions;

• in the past decade, presiding over challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act.

This biography is "required reading" for any lawyer, young or seasoned, who seeks to be inspired by what one man can do to help many. Written in an easy, conversational tone, it is enhanced with photographs, both professional and personal, that track the moments of Judge Joseph L. Tauro's inspiring life.

MCLE Legal Heritage Series

As part of MCLE's Legal Heritage Series, all proceeds from the sales of this title help fund scholarships to MCLE programs for legal services attorneys, practitioners who accept pro bono cases, and other lawyers who have financial need-lawyers vital to ensuring that our justice system is fair and accessible to everyone.

By purchasing this collector's edition, you benefit from the stories, cases, and personalities recounted and also help perpetuate Massachusetts' legal heritage by ensuring that the Commonwealth's most vulnerable citizens have access to well-trained lawyers.

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