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Trying Divorce Cases in Massachusetts

Handle your next divorce case with confidence

510 pages in 1 volume (printed book)
5th Edition 2017
© 2017 MCLE, Inc.
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Product Description

Divorce deconstructed! Here's a comprehensive treatment of the essential steps and considerations in handling your client's divorce. The straightforward approach that Trying Divorce Cases in Massachusetts takes makes it an indispensable addition to any family lawyer's practical reference library. Starting with the first steps in taking on a new client, it guides you through drafting the complaint or joint petition, drafting and arguing the early motions including temporary orders, understanding the complexities of the financial statement, digging for discovery and uncovering hidden income and assets that will change the playing field dramatically, getting your client a fair and equitable child support and alimony award. Learn to draft the parenting plan, use experts to your advantage at trial—and attend to modifications and other post-trial issues. A practice handbook in its most basic form, this book contains the combined practical wisdom of lawyers who are recognized experts in the field. You gain valuable tips on subtle areas of representing a client, such how to explain the law to a potential client so as to help manage expectations; how to critically assess a case before you sign the retainer agreement; critical document discovery you should have your client perform; tips on reaching a successful and lasting stipulation out of court—and much more.

Recent updates:

  • Update: September 2017

    Dear Subscriber:

    Thank you for choosing to keep your volume of Trying Divorce Cases in Massachusetts up to date with this 2017 edition. The following is just a small sample of this year's updates:

    • In Chapter 1, find an updated exhibit on the topic of shared parentage.
    • See Chapter 2 for practical information on "258E orders," and a Massachusetts statute that protects individuals from harassment in the absence of a domestic relationship.
    • Also see Chapter 2 for cites to two recent Massachusetts cases where agreements of parties to limit the ability to bring a claim before the Probate and Family Court by requiring the issue to be submitted to mediation have been found to be enforceable.
    • See Chapter 3 for comments regarding the consequences for your client of delaying taking the mandatory parenting education course.
    • Chapter 5 briefs you on the high points of the Child Support Guidelines, including the capping of childcare and healthcare costs.
    • See Chapter 7 for useful insights into the use of e-discovery in divorce trials.
    • See Chapter 10 for updates relative to the Final Report of the 2016-2017 Task Force: Report of the Task Force for the 2016-2017 Quadrennial Review of the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines Quadrennial Review.

    We at MCLE trust that you will find this new material useful in your practice and valuable in keeping your law library current.


    Maryanne G. Jensen, Esq., MCLE Director of Publications

Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 - Client Intake (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 2 - Assessing the Case (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 3 - Goodbye Prospect, Hello Client: Initial Homework and the Next Steps (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 4 - Drafting and Answering the Complaint for Divorce or Filing a Joint Petition for Divorce (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 5 - Motion Practice for Temporary Orders (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 6 - Preparing the Financial Statement: The Trap and the Tool (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 7 - Doing Your Digging: Discovery in Divorce Actions (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 8 - Uncovering Hidden Assets and Income (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 9 - Getting to Court Before the Trial: Case Management, Status Conferences, and Pretrial Hearings (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 10 - Child Support and Alimony (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 11 - Child Custody and the Parenting Plan (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 12 - Marital Separation Agreements (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 13 - Effective Use of Experts (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 14 - Trying the Case (Buy Chapter)
Chapter 15 - After the Trial (Buy Chapter)



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