The Investigative Art of Digital Forensics

Finding and using the information hidden in electronic devices

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Long gone are the days of viewing digital forensics as an exotic part of data collection. Lawyers today must be aware of the evidence available through digital forensics. Investigative digital forensics may be crucial to your case or the protection of your client’s assets. They provide capability to detect malfeasance, to support or refute alibis, to show assent, consent or intent, to prove the integrity and authenticity of records, to best remediate breaches and vulnerabilities, and to ensure compliance with burgeoning data privacy and security regulations.

    Knowing what to look for, when and where in a company’s computer network, applications and local or cloud storage and in its employees’ “bring-your-own-devices,” is essential for protecting its value. Understanding how—digital recovery and enhancement, “predictive coding” to parse millions of emails into relevant sets, procedures to ensure admissibility in court and administrative tribunals—is required to maintain parity with contemporary adversaries.

    Our panel of experts survey digital forensic investigation and share their experience and visions for the near future. They provide practical suggestions to help you get started and to advance your ability to represent your clients competently as required by current ethical rules. Don’t leave evidence out there that you could use to win your next case!

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    Stephen Y. Chow, Esq., Stephen Y. Chow, PC, Boston


    Courtney S. Dayter, Kroll, Secaucus
    Lucie J. Hayward, Cyber Security and Investigations, North America, Nashville
    Mark Spencer, Arsenal Consulting, Chelsea