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Family Court Judicial Forum 2022

Insight into judicial thinking and discretion, including practice in the era of the COVID-19 crisis

  • Product Number: 2220159WAU
  • Publication Date: 4/5/2022
  • Length: 3 Hours CLE Credit Note
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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Be Better Prepared for Your Next Trip to Court

    Judicial decision-making is the complex result of many influences and factors. That’s why it’s often a mystery to a lawyer what happens between “I’ll take it under advisement.” and the issuance of the opinion. If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What is the judge thinking about this case?”, you need this Forum to find out. Hear the Probate and Family Court Judges speak out on recent developments and legal issues that impact their decisions every day.

    Gain Insight into Issues Critical to Your Clients

    Through hypotheticals and questions posed by expert practitioners, the Judges address a series of issues important to your clients and your practice, such as:

    • What are the parameters of a property division?
    • Will certain assets be excluded or included in the division?
    • Will there be any alimony obligation, and, if so, how will it be calculated?
    • How will gifted and inherited assets be treated?
    • How does the issuance of a restraining order affect a custody determination?
    • What about child support obligations, children’s education, and extraordinary expenses?
    • What are the parameters for removing a child from the Commonwealth?
    • How does removal affect support?
    • To what extent are pre-nuptial agreements enforceable?

    The Family Law Judicial Forum is a unique opportunity for you to take stock of your legal strategies in light of the very latest legal developments. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from the Court!

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    Hon. Kimberly Moses, Probate and Family Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Canton