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Drafting Masterful Motions

Bring the power of persuasion to your motions

  • Product Number: 2220240WAU
  • Publication Date: 8/10/2022
  • Length: 1 Hour CLE Credit Note
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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Developing your skills as an excellent persuasive writer not only puts you in high demand at your law firm, but it could also be the difference between winning or losing a case. It is no secret that legal writing only works well if thoughts are conveyed with clarity in an organized and methodical manner—easier said than done. A well-drafted motion may not result in victory, but it will always make a good impression on the court and improve your credibility.  

    This 60-minute program focuses on core principles and techniques to enhance your written persuasion skills so that you can consistently deliver masterful motions. In addition to covering topics listed in the agenda, this program also identifies many common pitfalls to avoid. The program provides you with a foundation to write organized, straightforward and convincing motions.

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    Alec S. Pine, Esq., Butters Brazilian LLP, Boston