Estate Planning Acronyms & Their Applications

Become fluent in the alphabet soup of estate planning acronyms

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  • Publication Date: 7/20/2023
  • Length: 1 hour CLE Credit Note
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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    When embarking on a journey into the world of trusts and estates, one can become quickly and easily inundated with the sheer multitude of acronyms and terms commonly used by estate planners. Estate planning is a practice area full of ILITs, QTIPs, and QPRTs, GRATs, CLATs and CRATs, SLATs and IDGT’s, LLCs, LLPs, CFAs, CFPs and CAPs, 1041s and 709s, and so on. But what, exactly, do all these acronyms and numbers all stand for? In this new seminar you learn about some of the most commonly-employed acronyms and other short-hand references routinely encountered in estate planning—including what they mean and what the underlying instrument, entity, tax form, or professional designation is that is being referenced, how it works, and how or why it might be utilized in estate planning.

    Join us online to become more easily conversant in the alphabet soup of estate planning!

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    Laurel M. Millette, Esq., Transitions Law LLC, Concord
    Kristin A. Monaco, Esq., Nigro, Pettepit & Lucas LLP, Newburyport