Crafting Criminal Model Jury Instructions for District Court

Translate complex legal issues to plain English

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  • Publication Date: 6/1/2023
  • Length: 2 hours CLE Credit Note
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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    When your client’s liberty is on the line, the last words the jury hears should be clear, accurate, and easily understood. Effective jury instructions can allow the jury to understand the complex elements in your case and apply it to their deliberations. Getting the instructions you want can be the difference between a conviction and an acquittal, so you should come to the trial prepared. This program arms you with the tips and tools you need to craft instructions tailored to your particular case, request instructions that are favorable to your theory, and avoid instructions that could leave you fighting uphill.

    What instructions should you be asking for in a criminal jury trial in District Court? How can you effectively argue for a deviation from the model instructions to the judge? How do you translate complex legal issues to plain English? These questions and more are discussed in this two-hour program that is helpful to all criminal law trial attorneys practicing in District Court.

    Don’t risk losing the case on improper, misunderstood, or absent instructions. This program is essential to get ready for your next trial!

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    Jamal T. Aruri, Esq., Law Office of Jamal T Aruri, Lowell
    Ryan P. Sullivan, Esq., Ryan Sullivan Law, PC, Lowell