Game-Changing Impact of Cavanagh on Determining Child Support & Alimony

Making sense of an upended landscape

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    The Supreme Judicial Court's momentous decision in Cavanagh v. Cavanagh interpreting the Massachusetts Alimony Reform Act creates far-reaching changes to how family law judges are to assess whether to award child support or alimony in divorce cases. The court's opinion not only imposes a new three-step analysis for determining whether to award alimony or child support, but also impacts the scope of permissible spousal testimony, and what is considered income for purposes of child support and alimony.

    Join our panel of family law experts to assess best practices moving forward in the wake of the SJC's landmark decision.

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    Agenda & Materials

    • Welcome and Introduction

    • How Will Negotiated Settlements in Complex Divorce Cases Be Impacted by the Mandated Three-Step Analysis for Determining Whether to Award Child Support or Alimony?

    • How Will Family Law Judges Assess the Various Financial Issues Necessitated by the Court's Ruling?

    • What Is the Full Scope of the Contract Exception Permitting Spouses to Testify on Private Statements Concerning Potential Financial Obligations in the Context of Child Support and Alimony?

    • Will Waivers of Alimony in Separation Agreements Survive Going Forward?

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