Massachusetts Family Law Sourcebook & Citator

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  • Publication Date: 5/18/2023
  • Edition: 2023 Edition
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    Product Description

    All of the resources you need daily in your family law practice in one practical publication—state and federal statutes, regulations, court rules, and procedures. Case annotations on important points of law immediately follow statutory text, so that you can instantly see how the courts have interpreted a particular statute. Concise and practical summaries of family law cases decided by the Massachusetts Appeals Court and Supreme Judicial Court in the past year are organized chronologically in the case digest. An archive of previously published case digests dating back to 1975 is also included as an added feature.

    Recent updates:

    • Update: May 2023

      Dear Subscriber:

      Thank you for updating your family law reference library up to date with the 2023 edition of the Massachusetts Family Law Sourcebook & Citator .This product combines the latest in sourcebook materials— statutes, regulations, and administrative resources—with a case digest summarizing decisions from the Massachusetts appellate courts. The book's entire contents are downloadable, along with more than four decades of collected decision abstracts, for enhanced access and searchability.

      Highlights from the updates for 2023 include

      • changes to the Massachusetts General Laws, including a new foster parents' bill of rights, codified at G.L. c. 119, s. 23C; a number of amendments to the homestead protections set forth in G.L. c. 188; the addition to the sourcebook of G.L. c. 190B, s. 2-804, governing revocation of probate and nonprobate transfers by divorce; and several amendments addressing circumstances in which a party to an intended marriage is under the age of eighteen; and
      • more than thirty new annotations, covering case law developments primarily relating to Massachusetts statutory provisions;
      • updates to the Probate and Family Court categories of fee-generating appointments;
      • a Probate and Family Court standing order setting forth the procedures to be followed after the end of the Commonwealth's state of emergency in June 2021; and
      • summaries of twenty decisions of the Supreme Judicial Court and Appeals Court published during 2022, addressing, among other topics, alimony, child support, separation agreements, retirement benefits, the use of videoconferencing technology to conduct trials, notice to putative fathers in adoption cases, and challenges to protective orders issued pursuant to Chapters 209A and 258E.

      Thank you for your continued support as we at MCLE strive to bring you the latest solutions for your practice.


      John M. Lawlor, Esq., MCLE Publications Attorney

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    Table of Contents

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    Massachusetts Probate and Family Court General Information and Filing Fees

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    Practice Guides

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    Selected Massachusetts Laws and Regulations

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    Selected Provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations

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    Other Federal Laws and Regulations

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    Massachusetts Rules of Domestic Relations Procedure

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    Court Rules and Guidelines

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    Child Support Guidelines

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    Case Digest

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  • Editors & Authors


    Phyllis E. Federico, Esq., Warner, Federico & Ryan LLP, Boston
    Michael L. Leshin, Esq., Goldman & Sidgwick, LLP, South Natick


    Pauline Quirion, Esq., Greater Boston Legal Services, Boston