Handling Real Estate Issues in Probate Estates

Practical guidance on what is required to sell, refinance, or vest real property from a decedent’s estate

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  • Product Description

    Product Description

    Representation of an estate in real estate transactions can present a host of issues and requirements. This program reviews the fundamentals of conveyances by fiduciaries, devisees, and heirs at law—with a focus on formal versus informal probates and deaths that occur pre-MUPC versus post-MUPC enactment.

    Learn about the powers and limitations of the personal representative, as well as how to draft required documents and tips for avoiding common traps for the unwary. The expert faculty also explain how to solve title issues created by fiduciaries, devisees, and heirs at law who do not establish, or have not established, record authority for their action. Bring your questions to customize the dialogue!

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