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  • MCLE Editor and Author Guide

    MCLE's goal is to develop and offer the highest quality CLE publications in order to set a standard of CLE excellence, and our editors and authors have a key role in this endeavor. As an editor or author, you can count on MCLE's full administrative support throughout your writing process. In order to orient you to the task of editing or writing an MCLE publication, we have set forth our technical and substantive expectations for your work, and outlined the various steps in our publishing process. To read the full text of the MCLE Editor's and Author's Guide, please click here.

  • Sample Chapter

    Click here to view sample chapter.

  • Reprint Permission Form

    Because all MCLE publications are protected by copyright, any use by an outside party or by the author himself or herself requires prior permission from MCLE. MCLE requires that the requesting party fill out our Request for Reprint Permission. Permission is limited narrowly as to the scope of the use described in such request (which must be a non-competing use,) and is granted for a standard fee. Other requirements are set forth in the request form. For the full text of the downloadable Request to MCLE for Reprint Permission, please click here. Completed Request forms can be emailed to MCLE at, or sent to Customer Service, Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education, Inc., 10 Winter Place, Boston MA 02108.

  • MCLE protects the intellectual property its authors share with us. Please use this form if you are seeking to reprint MCLE materials.

Complimentary Copies Policy
MCLE is pleased to furnish each editor or author who has actively participated in a book project with a complimentary copy of the work as first published. MCLE also provides the editor or author with a copy of any subsequent print supplement or revision for which he or she has contributed a written update.

If the editor or author of a work wishes to purchase copies of the work in addition to the complimentary copy, MCLE is pleased to sell such additional copies at a significantly discounted at-cost price. The at-cost price of a work varies depending upon the particular work, and is based MCLE's costs of printing and binding.

To order additional copies of books please contact MCLE customer service by email at, or by phone at (617) 482-2005, extension 7.