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Fee Structure

Do legal services attorneys or court personnel receive discounts on program tuition?
MCLE provides legal services and pro bono organizations throughout Massachusetts with discount vouchers for our programs. If you are coming to an MCLE program as a representative of a legal services or pro bono organization, you must bring a voucher with you to receive the discounted rate. Check with your organization for the availability of vouchers before registering with MCLE. Funding may be available to Massachusetts Trial Court judges and court employees to attend MCLE programs. Please contact Ellen M. O’Connor, Director of Judicial Education of the Trial Court at or call 617-788-6775 to find out how to request funding.


How do I apply for a scholarship to attend a program?
Attorneys with financial need who certify that they are unable to attend a program without financial aid may request a partial tuition scholarship in confidence by writing to Scholarships, MCLE, 10 Winter Place, Boston MA 02108, by faxing 617-482-9498, or by emailing at least two weeks in advance of the program. Scholarships are awarded on a case by case basis, and applications for scholarships will be considered only in relation to a specific MCLE program.
Who is eligible for MCLE scholarships?
To apply for a partial tuition scholarship to an MCLE program, the individual must be an attorney admitted to practice in Massachusetts and must certify that, without financial assistance, he or she would not be able to attend the program. Unfortunately, we are not able to award scholarships to non-attorneys.
Do MCLE scholarships cover the entire tuition for a program?
MCLE awards partial tuition scholarships. Recipients are still required to pay a portion of the tuition, or co-pay. The amount of the co-pay for which the recipient is responsible varies and is based on the type and length of program. For more information about MCLE scholarships, please inquire at