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Confirmation + Notifications

I am registered for a webcast but have forgotten the date and time of the program. How do I find out when the webcast is going to happen?
If you received an email confirmation of your registration and still have it, check the admission ticket included in the email for the date and time of the program. If you did not receive a confirmation, or no longer have it, you can look up the program in the MCLE program calendar. If you are still having trouble finding what you need, contact MCLE customer service, either by email or by calling (617) 482-2205 ext. 6.
If I am registered for a live MCLE webcast and have to miss it or any part of it, can I still view it later?
Yes. If you should miss the live webcast for which you are registered or are unable to watch all of it at one time, after a 48-hour blackout period needed to convert it to an On Demand program, you will have access to the entire program, along with posted materials, for 90 days under the terms of your registration. You will receive a post-program email with a link to the On Demand webcast. Note: this is a different link than the one used to sign in to the live webcast.

Accessing the Webcast

How do I access an MCLE webcast?
At the time of the program, click on the link you received in the webcast reminder email or in your order confirmation email. This link is specific to your account and will directly sign you in to the webcast. There are no additional user names or passwords required.
Are there written materials for a webcast and how do I access them?
Yes. Written materials accompanying a program are available to webcast registrants electronically and are posted the day before the program in the "Seminar Materials" tab at the bottom of the webcast screen for downloading and printing. Any materials added on the day of the program (e.g., presentation slides) will be posted in the same "Seminar Materials" tab at the time of the program. You will not receive hard copies of any materials in the mail.


What is MCLE's policy regarding cancellation of my registration for a webcast?
If you are unable to watch a live MCLE webcast for which you have registered, you will receive an email within 48 hours of the live webcast containing a link to the On Demand archive of the webcast. If you prefer to cancel your registration, contact MCLE's Customer Service team at 1-800-966-6253 extension 7 by the end of the business day prior to the program and we'll refund your tuition after deducting a $25 processing fee.