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Purchase & Access

How do I watch an on demand webcast I have purchased?
After you have placed your order, stay on the MCLE website and select your name at the top of the screen to go to your MY ACCOUNT page. Then select Products + Program Access > On Demand Programs. Your on demand webcast purchase will be listed; simply click the link to go the webcast's eprogram page. On that page, select "On Demand Webcast" to watch. On that same page, you can also review the agenda, learn more about the faculty, and download all or part of the faculty-submitted program materials. If you can't watch the webcast all at one time, you can return to this page whenever you wish to watch more at a later date. For OnlinePass subscribers: simply click the "On Demand Webcast" link on the program's page (be sure you are logged in).
Does my access to an on demand webcast expire?
You will continue to have access to your purchased on demand webcast for as long as it remains on the MCLE website, typically at least one year. You can rewatch the webcast as many times as you wish.

Technical Information

What are the technical requirements to watch an on demand webcast?
Microsoft Windows:
-Microsoft Windows 10 or 11
-Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome (only the latest official version of each is tested and supported)
Apple MacOS
-Apple MacOS Mojave (version 10.14) and higher
-Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome (only the latest official version of each is tested and supported)
Apple iPadOS
-Apple iPadOS 13 and higher
-Apple Mobile Safari
Apple iOS
-Apple iOS 13 and higher
-Apple Mobile Safari
-Android 9 or later
-Chrome browser
Can I play an on demand webcast in the background while I am working on my computer?
What restrictions, if any, are there on my use of an MCLE on demand webcast?
Your use of an MCLE on demand webcast is governed by the "MCLE Terms and Conditions" you accepted during online checkout. You can review them at
Are written materials included with an on demand webcast?
Written materials submitted by the program faculty are downloadable from the webcast's eprogram page before or after you watch the webcast. During the webcast, you can access them on the SEMINAR MATERIALS tab to the right of the video.

CLE Credits

Can I get CLE credit for an on demand webcast?
States have varying credit requirements; individual attorneys are responsible for checking with their particular state CLE accreditation authority about whether and how much credit will be granted. MCLE does regularly submit to Rhode Island and Maine. Although MCLE does not pursue state-based credit (outside of Rhode Island and Maine), our programs are regularly approved in many jurisdictions; it is the responsibility of the individual attorney interested in CLE credit to submit the information and certifications required under the respective state rule to the appropriate state authorities in the jurisdictions in which they seek credit. MCLE live webcast programs do, however, feature periodic attendance prompts.