To observe recommended social distancing measures in response to the current public health crisis, MCLE programs will be presented via webcast through April 2021. Circumstances permitting, in-person programming will resume in summer 2021.
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Help Topics
Help Topics

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Ordering + Delivery

How do I purchase an MP3 Recording?
How do I listen to an MP3 Recording I have purchased?
Does my access to an MP3 Recording expire?
Can I cancel my order for an MP3 Recording?

Technical Information

Can I put an MCLE MP3 Recording on my iPod or other MP3 player?
Can I play an MP3 Recording in the background while I am working on my computer?
What restrictions, if any, are there on my use of an MP3 Recording?
Are written materials included with an MP3 Recording?
Sample MP3 Recording

CLE Credits

Can I get CLE credit for an MP3 Recording?