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Ordering & Delivery

How do I purchase an MP3 Recording?
How do I listen to an MP3 Recording I have purchased?
You will be prompted to download the MP3 recording zip file to your computer. If you purchased the entire recording of a program, each individual lecture will be a separate MP3 file so that you can easily listen to a portion of the program at a time.
Does my access to an MP3 Recording expire?
Can I cancel my order for an MP3 Recording?

Technical Information

I'm getting an error message when I try to download my MP3 file.
Some corporate anti-virus software block large files. If your MP3 zip file is over 200 MB, consider the following steps to troubleshoot: (1) try a different web browser (2) download the file on a non-work computer, and/or (3) download the file directly to your mobile phone for easy on-the-go listening.
Can I put an MCLE MP3 Recording on my smartphone?
Yes. Simply go to the MCLE website directly on your smartphone's web browser and log in; this will facilitate downloading the MP3 files directly from MCLE's website to your phone.
Can I play an MP3 Recording in the background while I am working on my computer?
What restrictions, if any, are there on my use of an MP3 Recording?
Are written materials included with an MP3 Recording?

CLE Credits

Can I get CLE credit for an MP3 Recording?