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How long does it normally take for me to receive a book I order?
MCLE normally ships books within one business day of an order being received. We ship our books via UPS and you should receive your book within five to seven business days of your order. If you cannot afford to wait, all of our practice manuals are offered in eBook format, ready for immediate download, and are also available in our Online Library as part of an MCLE OnlinePass™ subscription.
If I purchase a book that has been supplemented since its release, do I need to also purchase the supplements?
If you buy a book that has been supplemented since the last edition was produced, you will receive the full text of the book, including all of the supplementary materials, for the list price of the book. Depending on the printing history of the book, any included supplements will either already be interfiled or will come as separate sets of pages with filing instructions.
Are all of MCLE's books available in the Online Library and/or as eBooks?
MCLE's entire collection of practice manuals is available in eBook formats compatible with all major ebook readers, and are also accessible online as part of the MCLE OnlinePass subscription.

Automatic Supplementation

Why am I receiving supplements to, or revised editions of, practice manuals that I do not recall ordering?
When you buy an MCLE book you will be automatically signed up for MCLE's update service. With MCLE’s automatic update service you never have to worry about your book being out of date. Tens of thousands of lawyers, both in Massachusetts and around the rest of the nation, use this service to keep themselves at the cutting edge of Massachusetts legal practice. There is always an option not to sign up for this service, but if you didn’t take that option, or have changed your mind about receiving automated updates, you can opt not to receive any further updates. Go to the Automatic Supplementation page under Subscription + Orders in your Account or contact Customer Service at at (617) 482-2205 ext. 6 to change your automatic supplementation options.
What is an "interfiled supplement"? How do I know how to file it?
MCLE publishes a number of its books as looseleaf pages which are then inserted into MCLE's signature blue binders. When an interfiled supplement is produced, all you have to do is open the binder, remove the outdated pages, and insert the new pages as directed, hence “interfiling” the updated information. Each supplement comes with a chart showing which pages are to be removed and the updated pages to be inserted. This method offers an easy and cost effective way to keep your MCLE books up to date.
What is the difference between a supplement and a revised edition?
MCLE updates its books on a regular basis. Different books are on diferent supplementation cycles—typically every one, two, or three years. Most books are completely revised on a five-year cycle, or sooner if developments warrant. For looseleaf books, supplements consist of a subset of the book’s pages that will be interfiled into the existing book pages, while revised editions provide a complete set of pages and tabs—you simply discard all of the existing pages and tabs from your binder and insert the new ones. MCLE’s paperback books are updated with revised editions as the subject matter dictates.


How do I return a supplement or revised edition that was sent to me automatically that I don't want?
If you do not wish to keep an update that was automatically mailed to you, just write cancel on the invoice and return both the invoice and the book to MCLE. You can mail the package to MCLE at 10 Winter Place, Boston, MA 02108, or drop it off in our bookstore during business hours. If you would prefer to have UPS pick up the package, contact Customer Service at 617-482-2205 ext. 6 and we will arrange for a UPS pickup at your location. Once we receive your invoice and the unwanted book, we will clear the invoice balance and remove you from the automatic update service for that book.