COVID-19 Precautionary Measures at MCLE


To observe recommended social distancing measures in response to the current public health crisis, MCLE programs will be presented only via webcast through December. Circumstances permitting, in-person programming will resume after the new year.
MCLE OnlinePass subscribers: Check our COVID-19 OnlinePass Subscriber Resource Page for daily updates.

Help Topics
Help Topics

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Ordering + Delivery

How much does an MCLE eBook cost compared to the print book?
How do I access my eBook after buying it?
I lost my eBook reader. How do I replace the eBooks I already purchased from you?

eBook Updates

How will my eBook be supplemented?
How do I know if I have the most updated version of my eBook?
I just purchased an MCLE eBook and now there's a supplement available. Do I have to pay to update my eBook so soon after purchasing it?


Will my eBook be usable on my specific device?
Can I install my eBook on multiple devices?
Can I share my eBook purchase with a colleague on his device?
Do MCLE eBooks include hotlinks to specific pages from appendices, index and table of contents?
Can I print all or portions of my eBook?