Help Topics
Help Topics

Using This Website > My Account

Creating + Signing-in to My Account

How do I sign into my account?
How do I know if I have an account?
I'm trying to set up an account, but the website tells me that an account already exists; why?
I've forgotten the information I need to sign in to my MCLE account; what do I do?

Managing Contact Information

How do I change my address or other contact information?
When I sign into my account, the website does not recognize that I am an attorney. Why?
Why do I continue to receive mail and/or email after I've asked to be removed from your mailing lists?
How can I change the way that MCLE contacts me?

Order + Product Information

How do I view my recent orders?
How do I access online products that I have ordered?
How do I find out how many CLE credits I have accumulated through MCLE in the past year?

Managing My Favorites

How do I create or edit a saved search?
How do I create or edit a saved list?

Managing Firm Rosters

How do I add an individual to our firm roster?
How do I remove an individual from our firm roster?
If the individual I am searching for is not found in MCLE’s database, why can’t I create a new record for the person?