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Help Topics

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Creating an Account

How do I sign into my account?
Log into your account by selecting SIGN IN at the top of any page on the MCLE website. (On smaller screens, such as phones and tablets, open the menu at the top left, then select SIGN IN.) If you've forgotten your password, select the green "Send password" button on the sign in screen to be emailed a reset link.
How do I know if I have an account?
Try to sign in and if it says ?you entered an invalid password? that means you have an account. Check your credentials and if failure persists, try the Forgot Your Password button to reset your account.
I'm trying to set up an account, but the website tells me that an account already exists; why?
This means your email has been registered with the website. Use the Forgot Your Password button to access your account.
I've forgotten the information I need to sign in to my MCLE account; what do I do?
If you have lost or forgotten your password, simply go to the sign in page and enter your email address. Then click the "send password" button. A reset link will be emailed to you shortly. If you've forgotten the email address associated with your account, contact Customer Service at 617-482-2205.

Managing Contact Information

How do I change my address or other contact information?
When I sign into my account, the website does not recognize that I am an attorney. Why?
Why do I continue to receive mail and/or email after I've asked to be removed from your mailing lists?
How can I change the way that MCLE contacts me?

Order + Product Information

How do I view my recent orders?
How do I access online products that I have ordered?
How do I find out how many CLE credits I have accumulated through MCLE in the past year?

Managing My Favorites

How do I create or edit a saved search?
How do I create or edit a saved list?

Managing Firm Rosters

How do I add an individual to our firm roster?
How do I remove an individual from our firm roster?
If the individual I am searching for is not found in MCLE’s database, why can’t I create a new record for the person?