COVID-19 Precautionary Measures at MCLE


To observe recommended social distancing measures in response to the current public health crisis, MCLE programs will be presented only via webcast through December. Circumstances permitting, in-person programming will resume after the new year.
MCLE OnlinePass subscribers: Check our COVID-19 OnlinePass Subscriber Resource Page for daily updates.

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Help Topics

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Professional Development Plans

What is a Professional Development Plan?
Is there a cost to using a Professional Development Plan?
Do I receive any type of credit or certification for completing all of the units in a Professional Development Plan?
Can I purchase all of the products identified in a Professional Development Plan Unit as a package?

Practice Portals

What is a Practice Portal?
Is there a cost to using a Practice Portal?

Using Product + Practice Area Filters

What is the difference between Browse and Search?
How do I limit my search to a specific product type?
What are the advantages of a Boolean search, and how do I perform one?
No results are coming up from my search, what went wrong?